At the Orange Soccer Academy, players of all ages will benefit from coaches who have knowledge and understanding of the principles outlined below and how they apply to players in different age groups.

The Orange Soccer Academy is creating a positive culture of excellence

  • A ‘player-centred’ philosophy
  • A well balanced programme of work
  • No organisational errors
  • Constant and clear communication
  • Practice to challenge every day
  • An emphasis on a mastery of skills and tactics
  • Practice to be varied, stimulating and fun

Orange Soccer Academy Guiding Coaching Principles

  • Make coaching sessions appropriate, challenging, educational and enjoyable
  • Establish a learning-centred approach to coaching sessions
  • Place the right player with the right coach, at the right time
  • Create environments that allow players to fulfil their potential
  • Use the guiding principles of the '4 Corner' Long-Term Player Development to meet the needs of individual players.
  • Provide leadership and integrity at all times when working with players
  • Understand the needs of individual players, differentiating and providing for the needs of participation, performance and excellence
  • Maximise opportunity for all players at all stages of development

Why do we want this philosophy at the Orange Soccer academy?

When creating the DNA for The Orange Soccer Academy we are aware that the only thing constant about modern football is change! Increasing knowledge, experience, scientific and technological advancement all exert their influence on the game and our attempts to play it excellently at an elite level.

Society itself, and importantly the family structure, have changed dramatically and the modern player brings a new profile of strengths and weaknesses to challenge the Orange Soccer Academy Coaches.

The modern coach puts emphasis on sharing the process with the players - ‘shared ownership’ - and is player-centred as much as task-orientated. All coaches are in the end measured on results in one way or another but the modern coach is not dominated by them. We understand the drive for excellence in performance - an everyday focus on preparing and teaching, is the best way to ensure consistent results and build great player relationships.

So at The Orange Soccer Academy we see the modern coach as working smart as well as hard, more thoughtful, more democratic, a leader rather than a dictator, a ‘seller’ of ideas rather than a ‘yeller’ of opinions. Our philosophy is based upon player relationships focused on respect, shared ambition, good communication and with a shared motivation to pursue the journey to excellence.

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