The Orange Soccer Academy delivers Professional ELITE Academy Standard Coaching, Facilities and Equipment at an affordable price.

Orange Soccer is providing elite level coaching across the UK & Overseas. With a unique approach to player development and strong links across the football family, The Orange Soccer Academy is the best place for a player to be. Whether you are a beginner or an elite level trialist, we will develop you as an individual player and as a person, providing the opportunities to grow and further your footballing career. For more information on The Orange Soccer Academy please email

Academy players will also have the opportunity to play in matches against other commercial academies, representative sides, pro clubs and grassroots teams, which provide a great platform to learn as well as exposure to Professional Clubs.

They will also receive a 15% off Orange Soccer Academy discount code for

2017 RATES

Each player pays an annual sign on fee of £39.99 - this covers the Kitwear package each player receives . There is no sibling discount available on the annual sign up. 

Players then pay a regular subscription depending on length of time you choose to sign up for.

  • Pay Monthly - £30
  • Pay 4 Monthly - £99

Signup Payments are to be made online and a standing order set up for subscription from the date of 1st session attended.

e.g. Player X comes down for a taster session on Jan 20th and chooses to signup and pay monthly.

£30 + £30 = £60 paid on Jan 20th and GoCardless plan for £30 setup for 20th of each month thereafter.

For more information on The Orange Soccer Academy please email