The Opportunity - Have your own Orange Soccer Academy Business

By graduating from the Orange Future Coaches Academy we already know you have the coaching and business acumen to make your own Orange Soccer Academy a success!!

What do we need you to do?

Enroll on the OFCA. Learn, enjoy and graduate. This may take 4 months, it may take a year. We adopt an approach of individual learning so you won't be subject to a one size fits all approach in a set time frame.

Upon graduation we can discuss the opening of your own Orange Soccer Academy in your Town, City, Region. We can be flexible on this depending on your personal circumstances and ambition. With an area for your academy agreed on, we make it happen, together!

What do we provide?

Your Orange Soccer Academy setup is FREE!

We will provide you with: 

  • Marketing materials - Imagery, Social Media support, Flyers, Presentations etc
  • Business documentation - Financial spreadsheets, HR documentation etc
  • Your own section on with training on how to update it
  • A Coach Education programme off the back of your OFCA course
  • Business decision support service 
  • Support in generating a Games Programme with other academies
  • Support in establishing a scouting programme for your Orange Soccer academy
  • All Players Match Day Shirts for your Games Programme provided for free by Orange Soccer (shirts will be owned by Orange Soccer LTD)
  • Annual Tour logistics for your Orange Soccer academy
  • Support in sourcing sponsorship for your academy (another source of funding)
  • Celebrity Player appearance at your annual presentation evening

Let's Talk Money

Your new Orange Soccer Academy is a business and must be treated as such. If the numbers don't add up, the academy will not work and the football will suffer.

So, as mentioned, your setup is FREE! You will already have your own coaching attire from the OFCA course so no need to shell out on more kit. All balls, equipment and additional coaching stash will be available at special rates through Orange Soccer LTD. 

Upon launch of your academy you will be required to pay a license (5 year time span). The entire cost of your OFCA subscription (including sign up fee) can be offset against this license. 

e.g. if you graduated after 4 months you will have paid £290, which will be offset against your License fee requirements

The license is £50 p.m. flat rate, plus £3 per player per month thereafter.

Example 1

A small academy of 16 players, monthly license = £50 + £3 x 16 = £98

Our forecasts suggest the Academy Director (who will coach the 16 kids) will make a profit of £200 a month from 12 hours coaching work (and any administration time that goes with running the Academy)


A larger academy of 100 players (2 sessions of 50 players), monthly license = £50 + £3 x 100 = £350

Our forecasts suggest the Academy Director (who will coach with 3 assistants) will make a profit of £1700 a month from 24 hours coaching work (and any administration time that goes with running the Academy)

Initial player registration (£49.50) is transacted through Orange Soccer LTD who will take care of providing the kitwear & equipment for all players.

Come Join Team Orange Soccer

This is a unique opportunity to provide a flexible, sustainable business for an ambitious coach.

Not only is it financially desirable, but you have the continued support from the Orange Soccer network from a business and Coach education sense. The Orange Soccer license is dependent on you attracting and keeping players, so it is in our interest to ensure you succeed!!

Orange Soccer is changing football from the grassroots to the elite level - come and become a part of it and help us Power The Beautiful Game

For more information on OFCA or to arrange a briefing phone-call please email details to