The OFCA package is designed to provide Coaches WITH an individualised learning experience at an affordable price.

As with the players Academy an initial signing on fee of £49.95 is required. For this each coach will receive their OCFA Coaching uniform (above) that is worn to all OFCA sessions and a Diamond Football Coaches Tactics Clipboard.

Thereafter the fee is only £60 a month, with each month consisting of of 4 x 2 hour sessions

Want to reduce the price of your programme? Easy.

For every player you bring along to the Orange Soccer Academy you will receive £4 a month off of your programme. So bring 15 players down and OFCA is free!!

The Opportunity - Claim back your entire programme fee by graduating from OFCA and opening your own Orange Soccer Academy!!

For more information on OFCA or to arrange a briefing phone-call please email details to