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Football offers great skills as a sport, such as teamwork and leadership. It offers lots of different pathways in life, as you can go on to be a qualified coach, manager and  more. On the skills side of the game you can play at many levels from grassroots to professional.

Football can teach us lots of things how to lead a team and work as a team.

Growing up watching, playing and coaching football, its not often that you see something bad happens.

However, most premier league players have now learnt the the fine art of diving and have now been warned, that if they do try to dive they will receive a retrospective 2 match ban as they are setting a bad example for  children across the globe watching them.

Football can also help you improve lots of areas of your skills such as self confidence and fitness. You must have the determination to do well to help your team out in anyway.

Another big part of football which is causing debate is VAR. It has got the players hassling the referee everytime a foul happens, which causes the ref to go back and watch it again. Some people say VAR has ruined the game but Former England centre-back Sol Campbell declared it “the age of technology”.

During my time at Orange Soccer, I have seen what the business is about, learning what goes on and how this business is brilliant at what they do. They don’t just coach children all around the country, they turn them into better players and help them progress up the footballing ladder. Even if they don’t make it they are taught valuable life lessons, such as how to be a leader and how to work in a team . They also have academies in Bury St. Edmunds, Lytham, Preston, Lancaster and Garstang which are open to all ages .

Orange Soccer also sells football kits and equipment, as well as rugby, basketball and running clothes.

Overall orange soccer is a great company to work at or train with. There is a clear goal to help out people who want to be better at football and improve themselves as an overall person.

Orange soccer is a great place to work, in a great community environment.






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