Winning at all costs

“Winning is the only thing that matters”

“Do whatever it takes to win”

“If you’re not willing to cheat, then you don’t want to win bad enough.”

Everyone will have some sort of connection with the quotes above, but when does the urge to win go too far?

In recent sporting news; A ‘mini media storm’ was created when Chalfont St Peter AFC’s Under 10’s coach was fired for sending an e-mail with comparable sentiments to the quotes above to the parents of his team saying that he was “only interested in winning” and “life will be competitive, so get them used to it”:

Being the current Chairman’s son and having played and coached at the club involved, I have an affiliation that spans for nearly 20 years. The club’s ethos has always been to give every child a chance and integrate them into playing with a diverse group of youngsters which will prepare them for life after sport. I truly agree with this approach as at a young age putting the onus solely on winning can be detrimental to the child long term. It is essential to understand the importance of competition, but it is imperative to hone in on the ‘team’ element of playing sport.

With children of different ages, backgrounds and physical ability similarities can be found between sport and business The relevance of this article to myself is apparent, but it is also important to all PA employees as it is synonymous with one of our core values “being passionate about people.” Moreover, being proud to be part of a team of brilliant people – our firms most prized asset.

So how far would you go in business to get ahead of the competition?

I hope you enjoyed this article and identified the importance of “supporting each other in our continued growth to fulfil our ambitions.”

Alexander Mair


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