OFCA students will have a rare opportunity to participate in a mixture of classroom and on-field learning experiences that will ultimately lead on to a higher level of development and a chance to own their own Orange Soccer Academy

Every Coach on OFCA will have an individual pathway based on their abilities and aspirations. This is not a one size fits all Coaching course, but a programme tailored to the individual coach.

The OFCA personalised learning environment will

  • Implement a Coach Development Framework to support every individual coach
  • Issue a Coach Development Workbook to each coach
  • Use current and emerging technologies like Skype, video, iPad to support coaches when on and off site
  • Deliver a unique system of coaching via our own Skills Cycle programme
  • Utilise both classroom and on-field learning environments
  • Give aspiring and ambitious coaches the chance to observe and deliver training sessions with OSA players
  • Video OFCA students in action when coaching and then issue the footage for self evaluation
  • Offer rare opportunities to visit professional club academies to observe top level coaches deliver training sessions

For more information on OFCA or to arrange a briefing phone-call please email details to OFCA@OrangeSoccer.co.uk